Tempered Painted Glass

  • Color Back Painted Glass

    Color Back Painted Glass

    Back painted glass is a stylish range of color backed decorative non- toughened glass, it is produced by coating two layers of water,resistant ceramic paints on back of clear float glass or extra clear float glass, which can offer various effect when used for decoration....Read More
  • Painted Glass Kitchen

    Painted Glass Kitchen

    painted-glass-kitchen PAINTED GLASS JH Painted Glass is made by clear float glass or ultra clear glass, through depositing a highly durable and resistant lacquer onto the flat and smooth surface of the glass, then by carefully baking into the furnace which is constant...Read More
  • Painted Glass Panels

    Painted Glass Panels

    Element Designs' backpainted glass is available in nine standard colors, 177 non-standard colors as well as a custom color match options. Backpainted glass is ideal for backsplashes, tabletops, countertops, shelving and more. All backpainted glass is tempered and utilizes...Read More
  • Back Painted Glass Office

    Back Painted Glass Office

    The coloration of resin painted glass is not as good as ceramic frit painted glass, the color can be scraped away by hard objects. The advantage for this printing is colorful. Each piece of glass can print a variety of colors. This glass is usually used for decoration....Read More
  • Back Painted Glass Kitchen

    Back Painted Glass Kitchen

    Specifications: 1)Thickness: 3mm to 8mm; 2)Standard sizes: 1830 x 2440mm, 2134 x 3300mm 3)Standard Colors: - soft white - pure white - black - China red / traffic red - pastel green - saffron yellow Other colors as per request 4)Material: Quality clear float glass or extra...Read More
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