Bent Tempered Glass

  • Curved Toughened Glass

    Curved Toughened Glass

    Specification: Curved toughened glass represents the future trend in construction and facade materials, and has seen rapid growth in worldwide demand. The glass is heated to the correct temperature in the precisely controlled furnace, which eliminates glass waviness as a...Read More
  • Irregular Tempered Glass

    Irregular Tempered Glass

    Irregular shape glass/tempered glass/toughened glass/strengthened glass are made by forming compressive stress on the surface of the glass and heating the glass up to its intenerating temperature and then make the glass uniform cooling quickly. Safety performance: Irregular...Read More
  • Refrigerator Curved Bent Tempered Glass

    Refrigerator Curved Bent Tempered Glass

    Bent / Curved Tempered Glass can be used for Refirgerator.Read More
  • Bent Tempered Glass For Machine

    Bent Tempered Glass For Machine

    Product Description Tempered /toughened glass is a type of safety glass processed by controlled thermal or chemical treatments to increase its strength compared with normal glass. Tempering puts the outer surfaces into compression and the inner surfaces into tension. Such...Read More
  • Tempered Curved Glass

    Tempered Curved Glass

    Curved tempered glass is a kind of glass which heated to softening point (about 600 ºC), then blowed under a certain radius, the surface strength multiplied while the plane surface becomes curved. Curved glass is used for glass walls, ceiling, fence, partition, furniture,...Read More
  • Curved Glass

    Curved Glass

    Curved glass Glass is known as safety glass. We has been specially manufactured for superior strength, it is about four to six times as strong as regular glass. What's more, in the event that the glass does become damaged, rather than breaking into dangerous, sharp shards...Read More
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