Insulated Glass

  • Double Glazed Glass

    Double Glazed Glass

    Double glazed glass windows are an ideal energy efficient choice with the added benefit of minimising noise. The sealed air gap between the two panes acts as an added layer of insulation. This added thermal resistance reduces the amount of heat escaping in winter and keeps...Read More
  • Double Glazing Glass

    Double Glazing Glass

    Double glazing glass windows consist of two layers of glass with a layer of inert gas sealed between them. This creates nearly twice the insulation as single glazed units. Once sealed, the unit becomes airtight.Read More
  • Building Insulated Glass

    Building Insulated Glass

    Insulated Glass(Insulating Glass) Insulated glass is better than normal double glass in all aspects of performance, so getted recognized by user. Hollow glass is made of two pieces of or more pieces of glass, the rims sealed, made vitreous layer space by dry gas between the...Read More
  • Double Glazing Low-E Glass

    Double Glazing Low-E Glass

    Double Glazing Low-E Glass is one of the most popular and versatile building materials used today, due in part to its constantly improving solar and thermal performance. One way this performance is achieved is through the use of passive and solar control low-e coatings.Read More
  • Insulated Glass Foof

    Insulated Glass Foof

    Insulated glass roofs use a thermo pane – double pane sealed glass panes. Typically the panes are made of tempered (safety) glass or laminated glass.The support structure is thermally broken so cold will not be transferred through the frame.Read More
  • Insulated Glass for Windows

    Insulated Glass for Windows

    Clear/Tinted/Reflective/Tempered/Laminated/Argon/Low-E Low E Insulated Glass Insulated glass/Hollow glass/IGU/Double glazing glass is made of two or more pieces of glass glazing sheets which might be low e or reflective glass or normal float colored glass and use sealant...Read More
  • Tempered Insulated for Windows

    Tempered Insulated for Windows

    Offline Low-E Insulated Glass Composition : Off-line low-E glass employs MSVD technology to coate silver film and other metallic compounds on fresh clear float glass or tinted glass. Characteristics: Multiple reflective colors, steady coating layers, Ideal shade...Read More
  • Reflective Glass Windows

    Reflective Glass Windows

    reflective-glass-windows Laminated glass is a Grade A safety glass, manufactured by adhering two or more pieces of glass together with a flexible interlayer. The interlayer is generally either a PVB (poly vinyl butyral) or a CIP (resin). The glass and interlayer are bonded...Read More
  • Insulated Glass for Windows

    Insulated Glass for Windows

    Tsing glass safety laminated glass are made up of two or more sheets of glass bonded together with PVB interlayer.Read More
  • Clear Insulated Glass

    Clear Insulated Glass

    Hollow glass is widely used, such as door, building, window, you can use, thickness, thicker than ordinary glass is the glass also has to do more color The inside of the hollow glass is the glass, and the outside is actually surrounded by the frame, give the person a kind of...Read More
  • Low-Emissivity Glass

    Low-Emissivity Glass

    Low - radiant glass is a coating glass with a high reflectance ratio (over 80%) of wavelength range from 4.5 to 25 microns.It is through the high quality float glass surface coating metal or low emissivity coating of metal oxide film, make its have the reflection of far...Read More
  • Low-E Window

    Low-E Window

    .8 years on glass manufacturing and exporting. Safety wood or plywood packing worthy for ocean and land transportation. Full transport insurance. Glass Specification 1. Clear Tempered Glass 2. Ultra Clear Tempered Glass 3. Colored Tempered Glass 1. low-e insulating glass is...Read More
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