PDLC Smart Film

  • Switchable Smart Film

    Switchable Smart Film

    Let the daylight in: Keep the world out. It’s up to you. The versatility of Switchable Glass makes it ideal for use in both external windows and indoor glass features. Its ability to switch instantly from a fully transparent state to privacy mode give it unique functionality...Read More
  • Smart Glass

    Smart Glass

    Smart glass also named as Privacy Glass or Switchable Transparent Glass ( STG ), and switchable smart glass. This is state of the art laminated glass with a PDLC film interlayer between two sheets of glass. It is an intelligent high function glass, which has a special...Read More
  • Self-Adhesive Switchable

    Self-Adhesive Switchable

    Self-Adhesive Switchable smart glass is a laminated glass product consisting of a PDLC smart film sandwiched between two layers of glass. The PDLC film is what allows you to change the glass from opaque to transparent. When electricity is applied to the PDLC smart film, the...Read More
  • Intelligent Glass

    Intelligent Glass

    Intelligent Glass offers the widest range of switchable glass products on the market. We serve the needs of hundreds of architects, interior designers, retailers, office fit-out companies, glass processors, partitioning firms and more, worldwide. Our switchable glass is...Read More
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