Processed Glass

  • Glass Shelves

    Glass Shelves

    Glass Shelves Glass shelves are a great way to add some high design to your space.We have a full selection of custom glass shelves and in-stock glass and shelf kit options. Here are some things you should know about our glass shelves. 1. Custom glass shelves are available in...Read More
  • Non Slip Glass

    Non Slip Glass

    Anti-slip Acid Etched Glass is an all-glass flooring solution, using no coatings, paints or appliqués susceptible to chipping or flaking off. The slip resistant properties of non-slip glass are entirely derived through acid etching, whereby portions of the glass surface are...Read More
  • Jalousie Glass

    Jalousie Glass

    Jalousie glass windows maximize natural ventilation by allowing airflow through the entire window area. Historically made only of wooden slats or glass panes, they are well suited to mild-winter climates. With mass production they became very common throughout homes in...Read More
  • Silk Screen Glass Printing

    Silk Screen Glass Printing

    Product Description Silk screen printing glass is a special kind of decorative glass made by printing a layer of ceramic ink on the surface of glass through the screen mesh for tempering or heat-strengthening process after. As a result silk screen printing glass is durable,...Read More
  • Tempered Glass Shelves

    Tempered Glass Shelves

    A quick and simple way to give your home a fresh look and a great makeover is to install a glass shelves. In addition to the nice look it is a great way of having extra space and storage. It can also be used in adding a nice touch of decoration to your home.Glass shelves are...Read More
  • Clear Glass Louvers

    Clear Glass Louvers

    Product Description Louver Glass A glass louver window is a window which consists of parallel glass louvers set in frame. The louvers are locked together onto a track, so that they may be tilted open and shut in unison, to control airflow through the window. Louver glass is...Read More
  • Shelf Glass for Bathroom

    Shelf Glass for Bathroom

    Product Description Shelf Glass For Bathroom / Showing Stand 1)Made by tempered glass or annealed glass , 2)All corners are chamfered to Safety corner 3)Clear glass or ultra clear glass 4)Frosted treatment can be offered 5) Size tolerance: ±0.5mm 6) Rectangular/1/4...Read More
  • Glass with Silk Screen Printing

    Glass with Silk Screen Printing

    Glass which undergoes silk-screen printing can perform not only a decorative function, but also that of practical use. Thermally-hardened ceramic paints are used for the production of glass with silk-screen printing. Their unquestioned advantage is durability and neutrality...Read More
  • louver glass windows

    louver glass windows

    Window shutter can be divided into aluminium alloy shutter, PVC model steel shutter, woodiness shutter and glass shutter commonly according to material different.Read More
  • Glass Corner Shelves

    Glass Corner Shelves

    Short on space? Put your corners to work. Our tempered Glass Corner Shelf is a stunning, contemporary way to organize toiletries in the bath, display collectibles in the den, or store canisters and cookbooks in the kitchen. The satin chrome-finished aluminum bracket mounts...Read More
  • Glass Louver Windows

    Glass Louver Windows

    Glass Louver Windows---Privacy, sun control and ventilation Louver windows allow you the greatest flow of air than any other window when fully open. The air flow is able to be varied by changing the pitch of the louvers, or in large openings by closing some blades and leaving...Read More
  • Toughened Glass Shelves

    Toughened Glass Shelves

    Toughened Glass : TSING Tempered (Toughened through a process of extreme heating and rapid cooling during manufacturing process) glass is 4-5 times stronger than annealed glass. When broken, it shatters into many small fragments which prevent major injuries. This type of...Read More
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