louver glass windows

louver glass windows

jalousie glass slats 5mm and 6mm LOW-E louvre glass, Edge work treated by 2 long side straight bevel polished and 2 long side pencil round unpolished edge work. Most of our louvre product exported to Australia, New Zealand, Fiji, Kenya, America, Europe market about 13 years. Quality delivery in...

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What is louver glass?

Window shutter can be divided into aluminium alloy shutter, PVC model steel shutter, woodiness shutter and glass shutter commonly according to material different.



1. Wind guidance. The proper opening Angle of louver leaves allows the interior of the building not to be affected by outdoor wind.

2Save space. (the opening mode of the rotation of the louver determines that the required space is very small when a certain amount of ventilation is achieved);

3. Safety performance.

4. Various controls: fixed, manual, mechanical transmission, electric (external or internal motor), fire linkage, remote control;

5. Decorative. The leaves can be of various colors and materials.

6. There are various ways of combining doors and Windows (push, open and fold, etc.)



Glass louver is to take glass as raw material to act as the leaf of louver, increase thereby pervious to light performance gets a kind of louver. Generally used in the community, schools, entertainment, office, such as high-end clubs.


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