• Irregular Tempered Glass

    Irregular Tempered Glass

    Irregular shape glass/tempered glass/toughened glass/strengthened glass are made by forming compressive stress on the surface of the glass and heating the glass up to its intenerating temperature and then make the glass uniform cooling quickly.Read More
  • Ultra Thin Float Glass

    Ultra Thin Float Glass

    TSING Clear Float Glass is made by high-quality sand, natural ores and chemical materials by mixing them and melting them at high temperature. The molten glass flow into tin bath where the float glass is spread, polished and formed on the molten tin. The float glass has...Read More
  • Frosted Glass Door Panels

    Frosted Glass Door Panels

    Description: Clear frosted glass that's no fingerprint glass has a uniformly smooth, silky surface; clear frosted glass is translucent and matte in appearance. Clear frosted glass transmits levels of diffused light, whilst providing privacy from adjacent glass. Noval...Read More
  • Insulated Glass Foof

    Insulated Glass Foof

    Insulated glass roofs use a thermo pane – double pane sealed glass panes. Typically the panes are made of tempered (safety) glass or laminated glass.The support structure is thermally broken so cold will not be transferred through the frame.Read More
  • Shelf Glass for Bathroom

    Shelf Glass for Bathroom

    Product Description Shelf Glass For Bathroom / Showing Stand 1)Made by tempered glass or annealed glass , 2)All corners are chamfered to Safety corner 3)Clear glass or ultra clear glass 4)Frosted treatment can be offered 5) Size tolerance: ±0.5mm 6) Rectangular/1/4...Read More
  • Tempered Glass Door

    Tempered Glass Door

    To make interior sliding glass pocket doors,we can choose frosted glass,acid etched glass or pattern glass,that can beautify as decoration glass wall and privacy protection.Base on the glass type,we need it to be tempered. Specification Thickness: 3-19mm tempered glass TSING...Read More
  • Glass with Silk Screen Printing

    Glass with Silk Screen Printing

    Glass which undergoes silk-screen printing can perform not only a decorative function, but also that of practical use. Thermally-hardened ceramic paints are used for the production of glass with silk-screen printing. Their unquestioned advantage is durability and neutrality...Read More
  • Refrigerator Curved Bent Tempered Glass

    Refrigerator Curved Bent Tempered Glass

    Bent / Curved Tempered Glass can be used for Refirgerator.Read More
  • Laminated Safety Glass

    Laminated Safety Glass

    Laminated Safety Glass is a type of glass that is not broken by severe vibration or impact, and is not easy to injure even if it is broken. It is mainly used for doors and windows of automobiles, airplanes and special buildings.Read More
  • Color Changed Silver Mirror

    Color Changed Silver Mirror

    Silver Mirror with patented advanced technology to ensure a high performance, our silver mirror is with outstanding technical properties, far exceeding today's toughest industry standards.Read More
  • Ultra Clear Glass Price

    Ultra Clear Glass Price

    Ultra-clear glass is an ultra-transparent low-iron glass, also known as low-iron glass and high-transparent glass. It is a high-quality, multi-functional new high-grade glass variety with a light transmittance of over 91.5%.Read More
  • Shower Room Glass

    Shower Room Glass

    The advantages of glass bathrooms 1. Less space and permeability 2. Good waterproof performance 3. Convenient cleaning 4. Various stylesRead More
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