• Shaped Tempered Glass

    Shaped Tempered Glass

    If you have a glass product that requires a quote, please contact me.Read More
  • Glass Shelves

    Glass Shelves

    Glass Shelves Glass shelves are a great way to add some high design to your space.We have a full selection of custom glass shelves and in-stock glass and shelf kit options. Here are some things you should know about our glass shelves. 1. Custom glass shelves are available in...Read More
  • Glass Mirror

    Glass Mirror

    Mirrors are an extremely versatile design element and will transform the look and feel of a room or space. The skilled and professional cutters and installers of Avery Glass & Mirror execute mirror projects with precision and care, from measuring to final clean-up.Read More
  • Switchable Smart Film

    Switchable Smart Film

    Let the daylight in: Keep the world out. It’s up to you. The versatility of Switchable Glass makes it ideal for use in both external windows and indoor glass features. Its ability to switch instantly from a fully transparent state to privacy mode give it unique functionality...Read More
  • Edge Polished Glass

    Edge Polished Glass

    Cut and Swipe or Seamed Edges Also referred to as safety seams or swiped edges, this type of glass edging — in which a sanding belt is used to lightly sand off sharp edges — is primarily employed to ensure the finished piece is safe for handling. This style of edging does not...Read More
  • Touch switch glass

    Touch switch glass

    Iemote glass Product Description Tempered Switch Panel Touch Glass is made by tempering the color pattern printed glass. Color pattern Printing is to print patterns onto glass by special screen with inorganic color materials. Then fuse the color materials into glass surface...Read More
  • Antique Mirror Glass

    Antique Mirror Glass

    Antique Mirror Glass Advantages: 1. Green products, environmentally friendly 2. Transform internal spaces with brillance and perspective 3. Optical quality and durability 4. easy processing and installation 5. increase the feeling of space and enhances interiors 6. processed...Read More
  • Decorative Mirrors

    Decorative Mirrors

    Hanging a decorative mirror on your wall can add both depth and intrigue to your space. With Tsing's wide selection of decorative mirrors and framed mirrors, you're sure to find the wall mirror that completes your space. From small, round mirrors to floor mirrors, browse...Read More
  • Aluminum Mirror Glass

    Aluminum Mirror Glass

    Tsing aluminum mirror is produced through Horizontal production line,which is the most advanced production equipment for coating aluminum mirror,so our aluminum mirror is the best quality in China,that's suitable for any processed and edgeworking.Read More
  • Wall Antique Mirror

    Wall Antique Mirror

    Wall Antique Mirror is very hot now, it can been used for decoration,for washing room,for wall,for kitchen...for everywhere you want.Read More
  • Tempered Building Glass

    Tempered Building Glass

    Toughened or Tempered glass is one kind of safety glass. It is processed by heat strengthening processing and a compressive stress layer is formed on the surface of glass, which has good mechanical properties and capacity of thermal resistance and impact resistance.Read More
  • Crystal Glass Switch Light Switch

    Crystal Glass Switch Light Switch

    Crystal Glass Switch Light Switch Thickness:3-8mm Material: ultra clear silk-screen tempered glass Color: white,black, golden or other colors Techniques: polished edges, cutting holes, silk-screen printing Tsing Glass is a professional processed glass manufacturer and...Read More
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