Custom cut tempered glass

Custom cut tempered glass

How to choose toughened glass bathroom

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Advanced glass cutting machine


Special-shaped glass cutting machine, also known as: glass engraving machine, glass drilling machine, glass edge grinding machine, special-shaped glass cutting machine, glass slotting machine, precision glass forming machine.


The processing principle

The cutting tool used in the glass processing by the fine carving machine generally adopts the diamond grinding head, which is combined with the high-speed rotation of the main shaft of 24,000-40,000 rotations. With special grinding head, it can open the hole, groove, upper and lower disposable edge, precise cutting of special-shaped glass, shape processing, chamfer, etc. The error can be controlled at + / -0.02mm ~ + / -0.05mm, and the glass edge is not easy to be broken or damaged. It can realize continuous batch production according to designed fixture

Shaped glass

The special glass is the unusual glass shape, satisfies the customer to the unusual glass request, the special glass generally USES the toughened safety glass, to is used for the machine, the furniture, because of the processing procedure complexity, generally needs you to provide the drawing, the size also has some details

Different edge types available


Flat Polish Edge: In this application, the edges of the glass shelf have been polished to a smooth shiny finish.

Pencil Polish Edge: Popular with circle or oval shapes, the side edge is rounded for a softer look.

Beveled Polish Edge: In this application, the edges of the glass shelf are cut and polished in an angle with a specific Bevel Width to produce a certain "look". This process leaves the glass shelf thinner around the edges and thicker in the center.


The processing of hole

The glass can be processed according to your requirements (hole diameter, hole edge processing). The hole can be rough or fine grinding, or chamfering, which not only ensures the quality of the hole but also makes the hole look beautiful

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